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NY Pistol Permit Info
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Nassau County Pistol Permit Application Information

This site is NOT in any way associated with the Nassau county Police Dept. or the Government of Nassau County or the State Of New York. This page is provided as a public service and is not intended as a substitute for actual research on the laws of the County of Nassau and/or the State of New York.

General Instructions
Pistol License Handbook
Deadly Physical Force
Types of licenses
Duties and responsibilities
Domestic violence
Incidents requiring police reports
Purchasing firearms

This page is a general description of the Permit process.

First: Go get the application from Police Headquarters in Mineola. It's two blocks south of Old Country Road.

Pistol Permit Section
1490 Franklin Avenue
Mineola, NY 11501

The application is free. Just ask one of the Officers for the permit application. They'll ask you what type of Permit you want. Either Premise, Target or Business. The Officer will give you the appropriate one and will give you some basic instructions. Don't expect to fill it out on the spot. The application is 10 to 12 pages minimum depending on what type of permit you want.

When you fill out the application, be careful not to make mistakes. 

You will have to provide pretty much all of your personal info including all addresses in the last 10 years, all places of employment in the last 10 years including why you left and contact names and numbers. Try to be as accurate as possible.

Most forms on the application will have to be filled out in duplicate.

Expect the following:

- What type of permit you want. Target and Business are carry permits. Premise permit is only for a gun that won't leave the address you file on record.

- A long questionnaire asking about any criminal background or mental health issues.

- Where you intend to store your pistol. (a locked, fireproof safe in the house is a good start)

- A form requesting a mental health report on you from NY state. (just fill in the blanks, they'll send it in).

- A list of 4 references. All must be Nassau County residents that have resided in the county for at least 2 years. It will ask how long they've known you and contact info for them. Each form must be notarized.

- You must sign a form stating you've read and understand the laws regarding the use of deadly physical force and that you've read the Pistol Permit handbook and agree to both.

There may be a couple of other forms. You'll need to get about 5 or six of the forms notarized. You'll need to bring the completed packet back to NCPD Headquarters with 3 passport pictures.

Provided that all is well with your application, you'll be asked to come back in 1 to 2 weeks to be fingerprinted and interviewed. The fingerprinting is fast and the interview is usually nothing more than polite conversation while you're being printed. Make sure you bring two separate money orders for the fees. Check how much the fees are when you pick up the application.

Your application will now be processed which includes running your background check. This usually consists of submitting your prints to the FBI, State, and local police. They'll also verify the info you put on your application including your places of employment and your references.

After that, you wait. The investigator has up to six months by NY State law to process your application. They ask that you don't call to check on the status. You'll receive a postcard in the mail when the investigation is complete notifying you whether or not you get the permit.

 If you are close to the six month mark, I suggest you call and ask about the status. By State law, an investigation may not take longer than six months without a written notice with a valid explanation. Waiting for FBI fingerprint check is not considered a valid explanation under that law. Sometimes your application can get lost in the shuffle, so don't wait until it's been 8 months to call and check.

Some people get lucky and get their permit after only a few months. I, on the other hand took a full six months.

Definitely leave the investigators alone. They are generally nice people. The delay is usually because they have tons of work to process and are way understaffed. The County is not going to invest a ton of money in their department to expedite your gun permit. :)

Below is the technical info from the Pistol Permit handbook and associated literature from the application packet.

All pistol permits are issued by the State. The State, in order to streamline the whole process gives the local Counties (and towns in some cases) the authority to issue permits on the states behalf. 


Pistol License Information Handbook

From the Nassau County Police Department (March 1999)


You are required to know and understand New York State Law as it pertains to the use of "deadly physical force" in the defense of yourself or another person. Deadly physical force is defined as any physical force which is readily capable of causing death or serious injury.

   According to Penal Law Section 35.15:

   A person may not use deadly physical force upon another unless they reasonably believe deadly physical force is about to be used against themselves or another and that they can't retreat safely to avoid the confrontation. However, the requirement for retreat is removed if you are within your own dwelling and you are not the initial aggressor; or your a police or peace officer acting pursuant to your official duties or a person assisting same; or you reasonably believe the other person is committing or attempting to commit kidnapping, forcible rape, forcible sodomy or robbery (forcible stealing); or you reasonably believe that the other person is committing or attempting to commit a burglary under the special circumstances where deadly physical force is authorized under Article 35.20 subsection 3.

   It should be noted here that the law does not require deadly physical force but only allows it under these special conditions. You can not use deadly physical force against someone who is committing or attempting to commit criminal mischief to property; against someone who is committing or attempting to commit theft of property - unless that theft includes force against a person putting it into the category of robbery; or against a person who is fleeing a crime. Be aware that even though the Penal Law may allow the use of deadly physical force you are still liable and can be held accountable for your actions in a civil suit.



1.    Premise License

   Firearm(s) may only be possessed at the premises listed on the license. Firearm(s) may not be removed from the premise, whether a business or residence, except when going to or from an authorized gun dealer or gunsmith for the purpose of sale or repair of the firearm(s).

2. Target/Hunting License

   A Carry License, which is stamped "Target," restricts the licensee to carrying a loaded firearm to and from a range for recreational or competitive shooting, or for hunting, where legal in New York State, except when traveling through New York City. (The firearm must be unloaded and transported in a secure metal box, with no stops within the confines of New York City.)

3. Business License

   A Carry License, which is stamped "Business," is issued for business purposes where there is a demonstrated need for security or protection as determined by the Nassau County Police Department. The licensee is restricted to carrying the firearm while actually conducting business during normal business hours. If the licensee is operating a business from a residence, proof will be required from the local village, town or city government indication that the business operation is consistent with local laws. Such proof may also be required when determined to be appropriate by the Nassau County Police Department.

4. Restricted Business License For Security AND Armored Car Guards

   A Carry License which is issued to security and armored car personnel. Such persons must be employed by a New York State licensed agency, must have completed the required course of instruction, and are restricted to carrying their firearm as follows:

   a. While actually engaged in their employment: The firearm may be carried ONLY while actually engaged in the employment for which the license was issued. The licensee may NOT carry the firearm at any other time, or for any other employment not disclosed to the Nassau County Police Department. The licensee must keep the Police Department informed of all employers for whom the firearm will be carried.

   b. While traveling from residence to place of employment: The firearm(s) may be carried from the licensee's residence to the place of employment: The firearm(s) may be carried from the licensee's residence to the place of employment. This means, from the residence the licensee indicated on the application directly to the place of employment, or to the work assignment for that day. If a licensee does not stay at his or her residence prior to work, he or she would be obligated to return home to obtain the firearm before traveling to work the next day. Carrying the firearm for the evening before work the next day would be in violation of the terms and conditions for which the license was issued.

   c. While traveling from place of employment to residence: The firearm may be carried from place of employment to licensee's residence. There must be no unreasonable delay in returning the firearm to the residence to be secured.

5.    Full Carry License

   A Full Carry License authorizes a licensee to carry a firearm at all times for the purpose of self protection. A Carry License will be issued only after "proper cause" is shown. "Proper cause" will be determined by the Police Department after reviewing the totality of facts and circumstances pertaining to the applicant's need for personal protection.

6.     Retired Police Officer/Retired Federal Law Enforcement Officers

   Authorizes the licensee to carry firearms anywhere in New York State, including New York City, at any time.

7.    Retired Peace Officer

   Authorizes the licensee to carry firearms anywhere in New York State, EXCEPT New York City, at anytime.

*Note: The foregoing restrictions will be strictly interpreted by the Nassau County Police Department and any violation of these restrictions will result in the immediate suspension of the pistol license and possible revocation.



Duties and responsibilities of a pistol licensee include, but are not limited to:

1.    A pistol licensee is authorized to possess only the firearms listed on the license.

2.    A pistol licensee must be in possession of the pistol license at all times while carrying a firearm. The firearm carried must be registered on the pistol license.

3.    A pistol licensee shall not purchase a firearm prior to obtaining a Purchase Document from the Nassau County Police Department, Pistol License Section.

4.    A pistol licensee must safeguard firearms at all times, and must keep firearms away from unauthorized persons, especially children. Firearms are to be stored in a locked receptacle, preferably a safe or metal box permanently attached to a structure. Access must be limited to the licensee, and the person designated by the licensee on the application as the person responsible to safeguard the firearms.

5.    A pistol licensee shall not leave firearms in a motor vehicle, even temporarily, or any other place where an unauthorized person might have access to them.

6.    A pistol licensee shall not draw or otherwise display a firearm unjustifiably, unnecessarily, or carelessly.

7.    A pistol licensee s responsible for the safeguarding and proper storage of firearms at all times. Should a licensee be unable to produce a firearm when requested by the Police Department, or if the licensee cannot locate a firearm, or does not know of its whereabouts, it will be considered a "failure to safeguard a firearm," and the pistol license will be subject to suspension and/or revocation.

8.    Misconduct or misuse of a pistol license or firearm may result in suspension or revocation.

9.    Most licenses issued by the Nassau County Police Department are valid anywhere in New York State, except in all five boroughs of the City of New York. Licenses stamped "Retired Police Officer" or "Retired Federal Law Enforcement Officer" ARE valid in New York City.



The policy of the Nassau County Police Department is to take a pro-active stance against domestic violence. Therefore, upon notification of any domestic situation requiring police intervention, the Police Department will require the surrender of the pistol license and all firearms of any involved licensee. The license and firearms will be returned only after a thorough investigation reveals that there are no compelling reasons for continuing the suspension. The issuance of an Order of Protection naming the licensee as the respondent will result in the immediate suspension of a license and surrender of firearms. The license will remain suspended until the order expires or is vacated, and a thorough investigation is completed.



1.    A lost or stolen firearm must be immediately reported to local investigating authorities, and also to the Nassau County Police Department, Pistol License Section.

2.    Any discharge of firearm (except at range, hunting or where otherwise else lawful).

3.    Loss or mutilation of a license.

            NOTE:    Do not laminate or otherwise alter a pistol license. Laminating prevents the license from being amended.

4.    Any change of address, business, occupation, name or employment.

5.    Any arrest, indictment or conviction, except non-criminal traffic infractions, in any court or jurisdiction.

6.    Licensee's intent to purchase or dispose of a firearm.

7.    Issuance of an Order of Protection that involves the licensee, or a domestic dispute involving police presence.



1.    Licensees are not required to purchase or own a firearm to receive or maintain a pistol license. However, to purchase a firearm, a Purchase Document must be obtained from the Nassau County Police Department, Pistol License Section.

2.    To obtain a Purchase Document, the make, model, serial number, barrel length, and color of the firearm to be purchased, along with the dealership or present owner's name, address, and pistol license number must be furnished.

3.    A Purchase Document is valid for ten (10) days and is the licensee's legal authority to carry the firearm to the Pistol License Section for inspection and to be listed on the license. A purchase between licensees must be documented on a notarized bill of sale.

   NOTE: A licensee must be capable of handling the firearm in a sage manner and may be required to demonstrate same to the Pistol License Section personnel. Safety is of utmost priority in the handling of all weapons.

4.    If a firearm is not obtained within the ten (10) day period of the Purchase Document's validity, the document must be immediately returned to the Pistol License Section, and no refund for the cost of the document will be provided.

   WARNING: Any licensee who brings a loaded weapon to the pistol license section will be subject to immediate revocation of his or her license.